Wilderness Survival Tips

I suppose wilderness can mean different things to different people. Whether you live in the city or in the jungle, wilderness can be you alone and stranded. This article captures the experience of a person who was once homeless. In fact he lived for over three years in the woods just outside of Bath, England. He used his knowledge of wilderness survival training tips that he received from an ex-military person.

#1: Conserve Your Resources

Wilderness Survival Tips

This one is number one of the list for a reason. One of the best wilderness survival tips anyone can give you is to conserve all your resources. The reason is because you never know how long they will have to last. Resources do not only include firewood, food and water.

It also mean your conserving your personal energy. Know your limits and do not push them. If you don’t conserve your resources you may find that you will need more food, water, medicines and other items if you do too much at any one time.

#2: Keep Yourself and Your Belongings Dry Whenever Possible

If you get wet, especially in the winter months, you could be a cough away from hypothermia or pneumonia. Your priority should be to stay as dry as possible in order to have a better chance at survival. Only go out in the rain and snow if you absolutely have no other alternative.

This can be one of the more overlooked wilderness survival tips. And it is an important one, especially if there is alcohol involved. When people get drunk, they can feel a false sense of warmth.

You could becoming very sick and not feeling it until you sober up. By then it could be too late.

#3: Avoiding Conflict with Others

It is important to try and avoid conflict when possible. In fact it is important to be mindful of this tip even if you are humiliated or goes against your personal code of ethics. This is a wilderness survival tip is also about not fighting the weather as well as other people.

You cannot afford to get beaten up. In fact you should consider giving up whenever possible. Just smile and nod at whoever is trying to intimidate you. If it is the weather, you can bet back in your sleeping bag or tent and not come out until the weather improves.

If you do find a person who is insistent on physically attacking you, try to act as crazy as possible. People are usually scared of people who act like they are out of their mind.

#4: Get A Dog and a Big One at That

Wilderness Survival TipsWho would have thought that having a dog could be a survival tip! This tip is often overlooked. In fact dogs are, for the most part, trying to survival in the world as well. Dogs need to find a partner, either another dog or a human in order to survive.

Importantly if you are in a homeless situation it is always better to team up with a dog than with another human being. A dog will save you from being stuck with a group of people you do not know. People who could get violent and do you harm.

So, if you find yourself in a survival situation or become homeless either through an emergency or some back luck, make sure you remember these tips.

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