A Survival Kit and Why You Need One

Are you prepared to survive if you had an unfortunate accident and you had to take care of yourself and your family for at least seventy-two hours (3 days)? If you are feeling a lot of dread at the very idea, then you should probably get started on making sure you have a “bug-out bag” or survival kit available should such an emergency occur. 

What is a Bug-Out Bag?

It is a survival kit that contains all the essentials you will need should you have to survive for any length of time. It will help you be able to evacuate to a safe place should a disaster or emergency arise.

Experts of disaster management and relief committees recommend that a bug-out bag should have enough supplies that will last for around seventy-hours or so. It will contain what you need for your geographical area since some areas will have different requirements when dealing with emergencies such as a hurricane or a blizzard.

A disaster can occur at any time and being prepared by having a bug-out bag will be extremely important for you and your family’s survival. Natural disasters are unpredictable. An earthquake, tornado or flood could occur without warning. At a time like this it will be very important to be able to evacuate the disaster area as soon as possible.

In the Case of a Natural Disaster

Having the necessary supplies and equipment will be extremely important in the case of a natural disaster. Being able to attend to your needs and then going to the aid of others is going will also be important. Having a properly outfitted bug-out bag is not only about you surviving but having the ability to come to the aid of others. Being prepared gives you an advantage should an emergency situation arise and will make the difference in your survival as well as others.

In the Case of Technological Disasters

It could be that a disaster occurs as the result of a dam failure or even problems with the power grid and as a result a black out occurs. Not having any electricity is going to result in all sorts of problems. If you don’t have any light source being stuck in the dark is going to be a challenge.  Just think about the problems that could occur.  Not only will you not have the ability to cook your meals, but you will not be able to stay warm and you may not have access to water. At a time like this it will be important to have enough supplies that will get you through the first seventy-two hours.

In the Case of a Medical Pandemic

You are going to need a bug-out bag in the event of a pandemic as the result of an influenza virus or other health emergency. In order to stay in good health you will need to have a first aid kit or safety supplies.  A medical pandemic can spread very quickly so having the right equipment and supplies is very important.

In the Case of a Terrorist Attack

No matter how remote you think a terrorist attack may be in your area, being prepared is still important. Biological threats, nuclear war or bombs are going to restrict your ability to move freely in your area or neighborhood.  You may have to stay confined in your home for a long period of time and having a bug-out bag with all the essentials will help you survive this possibility.

Regardless of the type of emergency you may face, having a well prepared but-out bag will give you an advantage and help your survive any disaster for as much as seventy-two hours without needing assistance from emergency personnel.

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