Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment

When camping you don’t want to have to take a lot of bulky pots, pans, bowls and camping utensils especially if you are backpacking. Now you can have everything in one neat package. This bug out bag cooking equipment is great for backpackers, hikers or campers that neatly tucks away in a drawstring pouch until the next meal.

Now you can enjoy the great outdoors without second guessing if you packed everything to cook and serve your next meal with the lightweight, compact, and mobile design of the MalloMe Camp Kitchen Set.

Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment Features

  • High quality FDA approved Non-Toxic Anodized Aluminum Camping Cook.
  • This set conducts heat quickly and is built to last.
  • Takes up a small space and collapse into a small bundle for easy storage.
  • A great value product for camping or for a bug out bag to enjoy camping or in the case of an emergency.

Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment

Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment Description

The MalloMe 10 Piece Camping Campfire Cookware Mess Kit includes an anodized aluminum nonstick pot, nonstick pan and pot cover, two BPA-free bowls, a folding stainless steel spork, a  BPA-free soup spoon, a wooden spoon spatula and a cleaning loofah all in a nylon travel bag with a drawstring pouch.

Everything fits nicely in the included waterproof nylon bag that has a drawstring that you can tie to your backpack and it will protect the cookware set from the elements with everything all in one place!

There is even a 10 recipe ebook included. Now you can enjoy camping, hiking or get through an emergency situation to serve a meal to yourself or your family.

What we Liked Most about the Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment

This cook set is compact and lightweight so it won’t take up much room in a backpack. The set is well made of high quality anodized aluminum that transfers heat very well for cooking. There is even extra room in the pouch so you can add extras like a camping stove. Also, the handles are plastic coated so you won’t burn your fingers when they get hot.

What we Did Not Like about the Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment

There really isn’t anything to not like about this cookware set other than the doesn’t fit the smaller frying pan. This is understandable since if it did fit you wouldn’t be able to stack it under the pot.

Survival Gear Order Link: MalloMe 10 Piece Camping Campfire Cookware Mess Kit

More about the Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment

bug out bag cooking equipmentThis cookware set is non-stick making them super easy to clean. They pack well and are perfect size for two people when camping. You will like the foldable handles which make it easy to pack without taking up awkward space.

This cookware set is well made, high quality and a great value for your money. You can buy a larger mess kit for sure but this set is great for a one or two person mess kit.

The frying pan is perhaps a little small, but this cookware is about being compact so a larger frying pan just wouldn’t work.

It has a nice sized pot that is useful for boiling water, or making your favorite chili or other hot meal.

The set comes with a tiny little wooden spatula, a ladle for the pot, a sponge and two tiny cups. The bowls are rather small, but are the right size if you want to camp lightly.

Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment Video:

Survival Gear Order Link: MalloMe 10 Piece Camping Campfire Cookware Mess Kit

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