2 Person Urban Survival Bug Out Bag

Whether it’s an earthquake, a house fire, or civil unrest there’s always a chance you’ll need to leave your home at a moment’s notice. This is often referred to as bugging out. This is not the time to be gathering what you need to take care of yourself and your family.

This Urban Survival Bug-out Bag is built with your needs in mind. Store your bug out bag at home, work, or in your car for peace of mind.

2 Person Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Features

  • The kit contains a backpack, reflective sleeping bags, ponchos, tube tents, hand warmers, food and water, light sticks, toothbrushes, N95 masks
  • Includes USA made SOS brand food and water, US Coast Guard approved for a 5 year shelf life
  • All supplies are conveniently packaged in a discrete and nondescript black backpack
  • The backpack is oversize to allow for other personal items
  • Items are organized in zip lock bags to keep everything organized as well as dry

2 Person Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Description

The backpack has everything in a backpack that is durable. Everything comes in separate little ziplock bags. All the medical supplies are grouped together and the tent and sleeping bags are grouped together. This makes it a little easier to fit it all in the backpack.

What we Liked Most about the 2 Person Urban Survival Bug Out Bag

All the items are neatly package so they stay organized and dry. The bag is very lightweight and good quality. Everything fits inside the bag leaving plenty of room in the front pockets to add in your own essentials or personal items.

What we Did Not Like about the 2 Person Urban Survival Bug Out Bag

This is a good basic bug out bag for the price and it will come in handy as a base to start a simple bag. However, we recommend replacing some elements with either lighter version or better quality items.

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More about the 2 Person Urban Survival Bug Out Bag

Bug out BagFirst of all this bug out bag has all the essentials you will need to make it through three days after an emergency.

Everything is packaged in resealable bags that should help protect the contents from getting wet.

You might consider adding some extra food such as protein bars.

As well you might want to add some batteries and another flashlight or lantern.

The bug out bag contains sanitation supplies, however you might want to add another roll of toilet paper.

One other item that you could add to the bag would be a second collapsible water bottle and water filtering tablets.

As well you could add sunscreen, a lighter or matches and compass.

There is a two person tent included however, depending on where you live, you might want to add a more substantial tent to weather the elements.

In conclusion, this bug out bag is a good  kit should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. Just make sure you put in a place where you can grab it quickly.

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